Lyn Littlefield Hoopes, MFA Children's Literature, Poetry, MA Children's Literature, is the author of a number of picture books and a poet.  For more than twenty years she has been visiting schools as a poet in residence, inspiring students to see freshly and to discover their own voice as they write poetry.  Working from her photographs, from music, art and the inspiration of nature, she collaborates with classroom teachers to create workshops that tie in with the curriculum

As I lead students into writing, my goal is to strengthen their natural ability to concentrate deeply on an image in thought and to listen for their writer's voice.  I begin my workshops sharing several of my poems and photographs, exploring the concept of a moment and noting my creative process.  Then we warm up our imaginations, creating similes and metaphors, discovering details that hold meaning, and writing a poem together as a class.  As we write, we notice rhythms and patterns, listen to make a design with our language.  Students then choose one of my photographs, an art image, or perhaps something to hold such as a seashell or old time toy to inspire their writing.  They work across a large piece of art paper, creating a brainstorm, drafting and rewriting their poems.

The Moment

Beyond what you see which your eyes, hear with your ears, is the spirit of the moment…Take your time.  Be in the presence of the moment, and the words will take care of themselves.  llh

A Sample of Popular Poetry Workshops






JenStudent art created with artist and teacher Colleen Pearce.